Back in 1986: The New Leaders

True Story: I remember this advertisement coming out (or rather the German version of it) and soon after I had my first G1 Ultra Magnus toy. This was long before the Internet, the 1986 movie would not be shown on German TV for many years yet, and all we had was a few English TF episodes from Sky Channel, which we barely understood.

So a school buddy of mine and I sat down and played with the Ultra Magnus toy, which I fully believed to be Optimus Prime wearing a suit of armor. Starting from that (false) premise, my buddy asked me whether that meant that this Galvatron guy was actually Megatron in a new body, too. I thought about it for a minute and then said: yeah, of course he is.

So bottom line: without ever having seen the 1986 movie, we correctly figured out that Galvatron and Megatron were the same guy. All because we falsely believed Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus to be the same guy. Funny how that goes sometimes.